Nursing Jobs in Western Europe, Canada, Australia and the USA

There is an enormous shortage of nursing personnel in the above countries. But, it is not easy to get a nursing job in Western Countries. The main reason is that each country has its own certification processes and foreign nurses have to go through that, whatever their education and speciality. Below you can see a summary of what you have to do or what exams you have to pass to be able to apply for nursing and therapists jobs in the above countries.

There are some basic rules about working as a nurse in places abroad. These are as follows:

The basic condition for nursing jobs in all countries is that you have completed

(1.1.) a twelve year High School Education (or the 10 plus 2 in India or similar), and

(1.2.) a three or four year Nursing degree or Diploma

(1.3.) For the USA: TOEFL (minimum computer score 213) and TSE (minimum computer score 50), for Canada, Australia and some jobs in the United Kingdom the Academic IELTS (minimum score 7.0) is mandatory.

(1.4.) Most non English speaking countries (like Switzerland or Germany) will require you to know the (or one of the ) national languages at the level of a university entrance qualification.

You should note that there are very few jobs where this condition (1.4.) is not required. If you offer a really rare specialty, you might move the national nursing authority to defer this condition for a limited time.

Apart from these general conditions, there are special conditions you have to fulfill for each country. These conditions or educational requirements are not optional. They are MANDATORY !


For the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

To work as a registered nurse you have to obtain a UKCC (or now NMC) PIN Registration number, which from most countries involves an educational credentials evaluation, an evaluation of your working experience, the completion of a period of supervised training in an approved institution in the United Kingdom (not in your home country), the payment of a fee to the UKCC ( at this time Pound Sterling 117) together with the application. The passing of the IELTS (minimum score 7.0) is mandatory.

You can work as an auxiliary nurse or a Senior Health Care Support Person in elderly and long term care homes, while your case is being considered by the MNC ( formerly the UKCC). Usually these contracts are for two years and a few employers (very few) will offer the opportunity to do the required supervised training at the end of the two year period. JobLine International has clients that offer that. But you have to fulfill conditions (1.1) to (1.3) above.

The process of obtaining an auxiliary position and a work permit and visa in the UK takes about 4 and 6 months.

Starting salaries for auxiliary nurses are around £ 11,000 (US$ 17,000) per year for a 42 hour week for auxiliary nurses and £15,000 (US$ 23,250) for MNC qualified (with permanent, not provisional UKCC PIN) RN’s.

JobLine International has Jobs and a Program for candidates interested in the United Kingdom.


For some Provinces in Canada (excluding Ontario and Quebec)

(3.1.) You have to apply for a credentials evaluation with the provincial nurses association in the province where you want to work (Jobline International will help you to do that). If the provincial nurses association accepts your education and qualification, you will be issued a Temporary Nursing License for that province.

(3.2.) You have to prepare yourself for the Canadian Nurses Examination and take it within four or maximum eight months of being issued the temporary license. (JobLine has a package that offers the necessary training material and you can start to prepare before you live your own country. But the examinations can only be taken in Canada)

(3.3.) Once the Temporary License is issued, you can be offered a Job as a Nurse in the Canadian Province where the Temporary License was issued and the work visa application can be started. JobLine International offers a Certification, Training Material and Work Visa program for Canada.

The process of obtaining a Temporary License, a job and a work visa takes between 4 and 8 months. Usually everything can be done within 6 months.

Starting salaries are around CAN $47,500 (US$ 29,650) per year for a 40 hour week

JobLine International has Jobs and a Program for candidates interested in Canada.


For the USA

The USA is the hardest to get into. It takes the longest time, it is the most expensive process and it takes the greatest effort. But it is also the country which pays the highest wages for nurses and where the demand for nurses is greatest. JobLine International offers fully integrated programs for that. You have to have TOEFL and TSE before you start any of the process below. You can read a more detailed outline of the process at

(4.1.) You have to apply to the CGFNS - the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools for

(4.1.1.) A credentials Evaluation. When you pass that and your educational and work credentials are accepted, you can proceed, after extensive preparation to the

(4.1.2.) The CGFNS Qualifying exam which is only given three times per year in various centers outside the USA. When you passed that exam, you will have to apply for the

(4.1.3.) VISA Screen Program. And when you pass that

(4.2.) You can start looking for a Job position in the USA, stating clearly that you have to be sponsored for an Immigration Visa. Jobline will do that for you. Once you have been offered a job the employer can apply for a Visa (i.e. sponsor you).

(4.3.) When you have received the Visa, you can come to the USA and you will then have to prepare for the NCLEX Exam in the State where your job is located. This preparation normally takes two months and some employers will pay you a small stipend and the course costs.

(4.4) When you have passed the NCLEX you will receive your State RN License and you can start your job.

The process from start to getting a job a work visa and starting work in the USA takes normally between 8 and 12 months. Despite the shortage of nurses there is no means around this.

Starting salaries are around US$ 32,000 per year for a 37 hour week.

JobLine International has Jobs and a Program for candidates interested in the USA.


For Australia

To work as a registered nurse in Australia you have to obtain a Nursing License from the State where you want to work. This involves for candidates from most countries an educational credentials evaluation and an evaluation of your working experience. In some cases this might also involve the completion of a period of supervised training in an approved institution, respectively some additional education at a nursing college. The costs of the evaluation is around US $200. If you come from non English speaking countries (those where English is not the primary language), the passing of the academic IELTS (minimum score 7.0) is mandatory.

Starting salaries are around AUS$ 58,500 (US$ 33,000) per year for a 38 hour week.

The process of obtaining a Nursing License, a position and a work permit and visa takes about 4 and 6 months. JobLine International has Jobs and a Program for candidates interested in Australia.


JobLine International has a program that will help you to take advantage of any of these job opportunities.

You can either contact JobLine International via e-mail and ask for a CV form and the details you have to submit, or, if you are in a country, where we have an affiliate, you can contact them in the first instance and they will help you further. The affiliates have a web page and you will find them at:

Romania: (the Affiliate, Ion Cipcigan is located in Cluj Napoca)

Poland: (the affiliate is located in Krakau)


You should also be aware that there are many agents who deliberately misinform you about the situation and details for coming to the USA. Specifically, they will state that they can offer jobs without NCLEX, or CGFNS. This is not the case and you should be reluctant to pay money for obtaining jobs from such agents. Also, you should be aware, that the time period for obtaining a position and the visa into the United States can not be guaranteed, since this is up to the Immigration and Nationality services. The agents, employers and recruiters do not have any influence on that.

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