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Who we are ?

BUSEAST is owned and managed by its publisher ipg™ - Interpublish Group ltd.
ipg ltd is an independent company specializing in electronic database publishing which serve well defined industrial and commercial communities and are all designed to sell capabilities and services from an area, where there is an excess to an area in the world where there is a need. Most of the sites are are in the engineering, computer software and manufacturing field.

As a consequence of a growing number of inquiries from manufacturers in North America and Europe, in search of cost effective manufacturing capacity, ipg ltd started the BUSEAST™ site, which addresses the specific needs of excess manufacturing capacity in Eastern Europe and attempts to match it to the constant needs for cost effective manufacturing sub-contractors in the industrialized countries of North America and Western Europe.

The publisher extensively markets and constantly improves these pages so that they will be a true "exchange platform" for manufacturing, job seekers and marketing capabilities and will turn to a invaluable resource for companies from Eastern Europe and the former CIS states, as well as for Western companies in search of additional capacity or markets.

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