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The Database of Business in, with and for Eastern Europe

The purpose of this web site is to bring together production resources and skilled manpower. Specifically, it is directed at the manufacturers in the Western Industrialized countries who require additional productive capacities or professional skilled manpower for either long or short term contracts and the manufacturers and people of Eastern European and former CIS countries in economic transformation who have such resources available and are actively looking for work to fill their available productive capacity.

Western companies in search of productive capacity can select and contact the manufacturer directly in the country of their choice. The publishers of this site will act, for a small fixed fee, as intermediaries if the client desires that.

The manufacturers in Eastern Europe, on the other hand, can advertise their capabilities and available capacities in the respective countries pages. The costs for such advertisements or for a web page is shown on the Advertising Price List. In most countries, the client can pay in their local currencies to one of our representatives. Please consult the country page for the name and address of the representative in your area

For advertising orders, web pages and subscriptions contact either your local country representative or, alternatively the Marketing Department via e-mail. You will find an analysis of the country of origin of visitors to our site on the Advertising Pricelist Page.

For English speaking professional job positions in the Information Technology Industry (computer hardware and software, programming, medical, bioengineering, engineering, and all associated jobs), you can consult our special pages at Jobline International . Permanent and temporary positions are available for qualified individuals. You can also search for a temporary job within the USA, Canada, Mexico and Europe in JobLine International. There are several low cost active job search programs. For costs, please click here

For positions in other economic areas, please consult JobLine International.


TCV - Technical Car Verification - Marseille France

We are looking for Distributors in Romania, Ukraine, Moldavia, Bulgaria Kazachstan and Russia. Please send us an e-mail if you are interested in the sales of an exciting product.


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